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Outstanding features of our Jomsons PVC products

• High Structural Reliability with 20 years warranty
• Stable and Durable
• Colorful long-lasting interiors
• Less Weight
• Even Finishing
• Space Saving and speedy finish
• Congruent Designs
• Simple and Easy to Install
• Damp Resistant
• Fire Retardant
• Termite Resistant
• Maintenance Free

Comparative Study between PVC Profiles and Wood



Fire and Chemical Proof, Damp Resistant and Termite Resistant

Prone to Fire, Damp, Chemicals and Termite

Cost is lesser than 25% than wood


Maintenance Free

Maintenance is needed

Available in different colours and patterns

Expensive coating

Installation period is less

Time consuming Installation

Impermissible to rotting

Permissible to rotting